Poster Sessions

The AAG is responding to and encouraging the growing interest in poster sessions and seeking improvements that will enhance the meeting experience for all attendees. In particular, we are working to address:
          1) positive feedback about poster sessions but requests that they be better organized
          2) a high number of concurrent paper sessions and the related issue of poor attendance; and,
          3) increasing costs for meeting space and audio visual equipment for paper sessions.

To start addressing these issues, this year poster presenters have a lower registration fee than paper presenters. This reflects the lower cost of poster sessions.

The AAG encourages Specialty Groups, Affinity Groups, and any other interested groups or individuals to organize poster sessions for #aagDC. Please contact for more information and instructions on getting started!

A poster session may be the right fit for you if:

  • Your research is visually interesting and lends itself well to being presented through maps, pictures, and graphics
  • You need extra time to prepare an abstract, beyond the paper deadline. The poster submission deadline is January 31, 2019.
  • You want to present in a casual, conversational venue with one-on-one interactions
  • You want to make new connections and network with fellow attendees
  • You want your presentation to be searchable in the Abstract Gallery after the meeting has finished
  • You are new to the Annual Meeting, or a student presenter
  • Your research is a work in progress
  • You want to save money on registration fees 

To facilitate planning for poster presenters, the AAG has partnered with two companies to provide discounted rates for both 
paper and fabric poster printing. 

Instructions for Poster Presenters

Graphic materials will be displayed on a 4' x 8' poster board supplied by the AAG. Since a poster format is best when your material can easily be communicated visually, text should be limited to brief statements.
  • Each presentation should make a unified, coherent statement 
  • Materials, both textual and visual, should be of professional quality and be clearly legible from a distance of four feet (4')
  • 4' x 8' poster board (landscape-oriented only)
  • Abstracts for each presenter are required and are presented during session 

To upload your poster:

  1. Please make sure you’ve saved your poster as a PDF
  2. Navigate to your Submission Portal at
  3. Login with your username and password and you should see your poster
  4. Posters can also be viewed in the Mobile App
  5. Click upload presentation on the right side
  6. Click Upload a New Presentation at the top
  7. Read the alert and Proceed
  8. Select the file you wish to submit and your upload will be complete
  9. You may delete, download or replace your poster at any time
  10. See you at the Annual Meeting!

For more information about uploading a poster, see our instructional video.