The AAG Mobile App Makes the Most of Your Annual Meeting Experience

Make the most of your AAG annual meeting experience by downloading the AAG mobile app. Don't wait until you're standing in the registration line. Get the app now and start planning your schedule. With the app you will get up-to-date session changes in your calendar, so you won't have to worry about missing a session. Link up with your friends ahead of time to share information and schedules, message each other and even set up meetings. Download the native app for your Android or Apple device or bookmark the Web app on your computer or Windows or Blackberry device.

You can also use the app year-round to refer back to session information and view posters. And, when the new annual meeting section is released, you'll be ready to download and start planning right away!

Check out the handy mobile app tip sheet for quick help.

For more detailed information about the app, read on or download the AAG mobile app user guide.

Download the App