In support of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the AAG and its contracted facilities will accommodate reasonable requests for accessibility to the extent possible. Individuals requiring special accommodations are asked to make their specific needs known to the AAG and its contracted facilities at least one month prior to the meeting via the form below.

Accessibility in New Orleans

  • Street closures will allow for extended crossing times when traveling across Canal Street between the Marriott and Sheraton.
  • All meeting rooms are wheelchair-accessible. Volunteers and staff will be available to move chairs as needed to make space for wheelchairs. Attendees are also reminded to keep aisles clear in meeting rooms to allow for easy wheelchair access.
  • Most meeting rooms do not have stages. The very few that do have wheelchair-accessible ramps or lifts for easy access
  • Microphones in meeting rooms will be mobile to allow attendees utilizing wheelchairs to present from a lower vantage point.
 Chemical and Food Sensitivities
  • AAG asks that all attendees to minimize their use of strongly scented products that trigger reactions such as respiratory distress, nausea, and headaches. 
Accommodation Needs
  • There will be designated contacts for any attendee with questions regarding accessibility or accommodations available at the On-site Registration Desk.

Please direct all queries to