Conference Assistants

Get involved by donating some of your time during the conference as an assistant. The AAG Annual Meeting will be held April 10-14, 2018, in New Orleans, LA. Applications are due by January 31, 2018 - apply today!


Students and unemployed or underemployed geographers* are encouraged to apply for this unique opportunity to help offset their meeting registration costs. All applicants must be registered and paid for the meeting to be chosen as a Conference Assistant. Conference Assistants will receive $14.50 per hour in return for their time. 

The assistant program is open to both members and non-members of the AAG. Members will receive priority during the selection process. Not yet a member? Visit for membership rates and information.

*Underemployed or Unemployed geographers (making $25,000 or less a year) should submit a brief letter with their application certifying unemployment and financial need in order for AAG to grant a position. Several Conference Assistant positions have been reserved for underemployed and unemployed geographers and are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Shift Assignments

The Conference Assistant program is very popular. We receive many more applications than available shifts. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will receive a shift. Once the schedule is fully staffed, names will be added to the Conference Assistant wait list. We will notify potential assistants by email regarding their status, so please check your spam filter settings.

You can increase your odds of being selected by:

  • submitting your application early
  • selecting multiple shifts (not to exceed 10 hours)

Please note that your shifts cannot exceed 10 hours for the entire conference.​​


Assistants MUST register for the meeting and are responsible for their registration costs. Conference Assistants will receive reimbursement for their hours worked at the close of their final shift. assistants will need to visit the Conference Assistant desk directly after their final shift, to receive a reimbursement voucher. assistants will need to take the voucher to the accounting office for reimbursement. Only signed vouchers will be approved for reimbursement.

Assistants will be reimbursed for their assistant hours by cash in US funds.

Shift Descriptions 

  • AAG Booth Attendant – Assist an AAG staff member in the AAG booth next to Registration
  • Directional Staff – Help attendees find their way around the meeting space. You will receive maps and a clipboard with an informational sign on it so attendees know who you are. You will be standing for the majority of your shift. Please be ready to assist any attendees who have mobility issues and/or appear to need help. This may include elderly attendees, those in wheel chairs or on crutches, or those who are vision impaired. You may be asked to help attendees between hotels, so you should be prepared to go outside if necessary.
  • Jobs & Careers Center Monitor – Assist with handout out job and career-related materials in the Jobs & Career Center.
  • Move-Out Assistant – Assist with packing up registration at the end of the conference and help AAG staff prepare their return shipments.
  • Poster Security – Monitor the poster area in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Registration  – Assist with the distribution of registration materials for the attendees.
  • Session Area Monitor – You will be assigned a block of 2 – 10 rooms to monitor. At the time you check in, you will be given a map of each area so you know which rooms you will be responsible for. Check each room to ensure that audio visual equipment is working properly and that the moderator has an instruction sheet and timer cards. You are responsible for monitoring the rooms in your area.
  • Tote Bag Stuffing – You will be inserting materials into the tote bags that are provided to all conference attendees.